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Our Business Concepts are readily available for Entrepreneurs

If you have creative ideas and business insight or always desired to start your own business...  Welcome Entrepreneur! You may not realize what it takes to start your own business, but with our concepts, you'll be able to take advantage of the services we offer.  As a consulting entity, we take the time to understand your vision and work to impart direction to compliment your creativity.
"Our experience alludes to various levels of insight that will help you avoid common mistakes and capitalize on often missed opportunities." 
The EnVision Experience Plan for Entrepreneurs
EnVision Bostic Design & Consulting provides practical and professional support to assist entrepreneurs in fully achieving their objectives.  We offer focus on overcoming critical growth barriers, well-rounded advice and counseling on business, organizational and personal effectiveness and provide resources, tools and designs to cultivate your work endeavors.

As an entrepreneur, and owner, you may face obstacles and complicated decisions without the resources available to larger more established companies.  The daily demains of running your business may prevent you from identifying objectives and implementing strategies that will improve your operation and growth for business.  Taking advantage our our plan can effectively align you with a more precise vision for meeting and exceeding your original dreams and growth goals for your company.

This plan is designed to assess the starting needs of your business, tarket each specific challenge that your business faces and formulate a plan of action that will include the best resources for a practical yet innovative solution.  Our plan is customized to meet each entrepreneur's needs and our goal is to address your priorities by providing guidance that will assist you in fulfilling optimal performance.  You make the election from our proposals on what is deemed most satisfactory to your business and its endeavors.

EnVision Experience Plan Details
  • One of our Consultants will serve as advisor to your company.
  • From our dedicated team, specialists will be brought in on an as needed basis to provide hands-on assistance.  
  • The first meeting serves as a free consultation.  During this meeting, we introduce ourselves and our consulting concepts to your company and have the opportunity to listen and evaluate your companies needs and/or challenges.
  • Once we understand your company's goals, we can then formulate a plan of action, verify which components of our consulting aspects will be best for you and inform you of the next steps to moving forward.



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Other Beneficial Services Available Include

Virtual Assistant, Private Label Service

Personal Business Training, Employee Business Training

Business Event Planning & Networing

Website Development & Maintenance 

Online & Mobile Integration

Customized Graphics, Portfolios and Presentations

Editing & Writing Services, Articles, Publications and Cover Designs 

Online Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotion and Sales


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