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Our Business Concepts are readily available for Small Businesses 

If you have just begun a small business or have been a small business owner for years, we welcome you to experience our business concepts that will enhance your operation to unbelievable levels!
As a consulting entity, we take the time to understand your vision and impart direction to compliment your mission, ideology and structure. 

"Our experience alludes to various levels of insight that will help your business gain and retain clients, produce increased capital and gain more of a presence in the marketplace." 
The EnVision Experience Plan for Small Businesses
We are on a mission to enable small businesses to flourish, regardless of the economic times, and to give the owners the tools necessary to run a successful company. We have specific business-ownership expertise and can provide real-world insight from the experience of having started, and run, multiple successful companies.  With insight from experience and proven theory, we look forward to offering you effective tools to apply to your business endeavors.  

Do You…
  • Want to see dramatic improvements in your small business?
  • Want to be profitable, regardless of the economy?
  • Want to effectively promote your product or services?
  • Want to increase sales? cash? profit? time?
A successful business relies on a good business plan, which includes defining business values and understanding business concepts. A business can be considered successful when making a profit or improving operations to be more efficient. Defining business values plays an important role in this, as your business' core values give your business its identity. In the long-term, business values can function as guidelines as you expand your business.
EnVision Experience Plan Details
  • One of our Consultants will serve as advisor to your company.
  • From our dedicated team, specialists will be brought in on an as needed basis to provide hands-on assistance. 
  • The first meeting serves as a free consultation. During this meeting, we introduce ourselves and our consulting concepts to your company and have the opportunity to listen and evaluate your companies needs and/or challenges.
  • Once we understand your company's goals, we can then formulate a plan of action, verify which components of our consulting aspects will be best for you and inform you of the next steps to moving forward.

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Small Business Boost Plan

It's free, so you have nothing to lose but great things to gain!

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for A Rewarding New Future!

Other Beneficial Services Available Include

Virtual Assistant, Private Label Service

Personal Business Training, Employee Business Training

Business Event Planning & Networing

Website Development & Maintenance 

Online & Mobile Integration

Customized Graphics, Portfolios and Presentations

Editing & Writing Services, Articles, Publications and Cover Designs 

Online Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotion and Sales


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